Langhe real estate law advice

Langhe real estate law advice: our assistance and consultancy services for the purchase of real estate and wineries in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato

Langhe real estate law advice: why?

langhe real estate law advice

Buying a real estate property or a winery in Piedmont (Itay) or rather in the wonderful context of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato (territories that are part of the UNESCO world heritage) can represent not only the realization of a dream, but also an interesting financial investment, which an increasing number of subjects, many of whom non-Italians, have been making in recent years.

Considering that to purchase such real estate properties it is usually necessary to invest a significant amount of money, it may be useful for the buyer to request legal advice, to assess the situation, also with a view to due diligence, and to request assistance in stipulating consequential contracts and preliminary agreements (Langhe real estate law advice).

For example, it might be useful to understand if:

    • the property is free from mortgages;
    • there are public constraints on the property, for example landscape constraints, which can limit the ways of renovating properties or greatly increase the cost; of the work;
    • the agricultural land is actually transferable or the owners of neighboring land hold special rights that allow them to acquire ownership on a preferential basis;
    • the sale contract contains clauses contrary to the interests of the buyer, for example by limiting their rights and guarantees in their favor;
    • the company assets actually correspond to what is declared by the seller;
    • which types of wines with designation of origin (DOP/IGP) can actually be produced with grapes from the vineyards subject to sale.

In addition, once a property or a farm has been purchased, it may be necessary to carry out renovations involving considerable expenses.

Also in this case, it could be useful for the new owner to seek legal and technical advice, for example in order to:

    • evaluate the content of the contracts that will be concluded with the companies that will carry out the work;
    • verify that the works are carried out correctly and in any case acquire adequate contractual guarantees in order to be able to claim compensation for damages when the works are carried out irregularly;
    • understand which restructuring interventions are allowed and which are forbidden;
    • check for the existence of subsidies and tax benefits, also in relation to the rural development plans in force in the reference area at the time of the operation;

Our  firm offers an assistance and consultancy service – both legal and technical (the latter through the use of architects, engineers, agronomists and other trusted professionals, with whom we have been collaborating for a due time, all with proven experience) – to those who want to invest in Piedmont, and even more in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, by purchasing a real estate property or an accommodation business or an agricultural / wine company (Langhe real estate law advice).

We can help you in the following ways:

      • verifying the situation, from a legal and technical point of view (the latter through specialized professionals connected to us);
      • analyzing the contractual texts that are proposed to you and / or processing the contracts themselves;
      • negotiating on your behalf with the sellers or companies carrying out the renovations
      • by accessing the offices of the public administration for information and the necessary bureaucratic procedures;
      • assisting you in any mediations and judicial disputes that might arise;
      • consulting you in the future management of your company, as regards the legal aspects, in particular those relating to the application of the rules of agricultural and wine law


The cost of our service is not standard, but “tailor-made” in the interest of the customer and it must be quantified from time to time in relation to the complexity of the foreseeable activity.

Each assignment must be approved in advance and our business can only be carried out after written acceptance of our service and the related professional fees.

For any information about our services you can contact us freely both at our email address and by phone.

We will be happy to schedule a special videoconference to get to know each other and to better understand your needs.

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langhe real estate law advice